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Experts from industry and academia recently came together to celebrate 30 years since the original CANTAB neurological tests were developed.

CANTAB 30 marks three decades of neuroscience research which has seen over 1,800 peer-reviewed papers published in high impact journals using the touchscreen CANTAB tests. The sensitive measures have been applied to more than 100 research areas including Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and many other disorders where cognitive function is affected.

Select from the CANTAB 30 speakers below to view their presentations in full.

Translational Neuroscience

Trevor Robbins


Developmental Disorders


Ian Goodyer


David Coghill


Alzheimer's Disease


Mathew Summers


Affective Disorders


Bill Deakin


Marcus Munafo




Eileen Joyce


Christos Pantelis


Future Impact


Jim Lumsden


Molly Crockett


Rebecca Elliott


Barbara Sahakian


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