Benefits of computerized cognitive assessment

Posted on 11 February 2014 in Clinical Trials / Research

Advances in technology have allowed an increasing number of clinical and economic benefits to using computerized assessments in clinical studies.

Benefits of computerized assessments include:

  • Easy administration reduces rater burden
  • Automated scoring minimizes human error and cuts administrative costs
  • Consistent test administration and scoring reduces noise in data and increases ability to detect signal
  • Integrated assessment of stimulus onset and participant response times enables accurate determination of reaction time

Computerized tests are more acceptable to participants and administrators
Cantab touchscreen computerized tests are intuitive to use, and their game-like nature is engaging and motivating to participants.

Standardized test administration and automatic scoring
Cantab tests are administered consistently and scored automatically, which minimizes human error and data variability and increases the potential to detect a signal. The economic savings associated with computerized test delivery and scoring increase with sample size and number of assessments.