Brain Awareness Week 2016

Posted on 15 March 2016 in Research

Brain Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research, which CANTAB has contributed to for over 30 years.

In the US the National Institute for Health’s 15 top funded research areas included Brain Disorders, Mental Health and Neurodegenerative diseases. Brain disorders were 3rd highest due to receive around $3.7 billion in funding in 2015. Mental Health comes in 8th with around $2.2 billion and Neurodegenerative in 11th receiving around $1.6 billion in funding. CANTAB technology has been used in researching many of the top 15 funded disease areas with high impact research published in over 1,600 peer reviewed publications. 

To celebrate brain research and to find out more about the application of CANTAB across the spectrum of diseases and disorders, take a look at our CANTAB 30 speaker presentations.