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12 January 2016

Neuropsychological assessment software for cognitive research

CANTAB Connect Research 

CANTAB Connect Research

CANTAB Connect Research includes 13 CANTAB tests for cloud-based data collection on iPads. Our curated test batteries, based on our 30 years of scientific heritage and 1600+ peer reviewed papers cover all the research disease areas our former Research Suite product was applicable for.

The software is validated for use on an iPad Air or iPad Air 2 and using cloud technology CANTAB Connect Research allows for easy scalability of studies to work across a number of sites and real time access to study details through automatic data capture.

Suitable for researchers who require a scientifically validated, standardized cognitive assessment battery across the domains of:

•  General cognitive function


•  Cognitive effects in healthy volunteers


•  Alzheimer’s disease


•  Prodromal Alzheimer’s disease (MCI)


•  Attention deficit disorders (ADHD, ADD)


•  Autism spectrum disorders


•  Down’s syndrome


•  Epilepsy

•  Huntington’s disease


•  Multiple Sclerosis


•  Neuromuscular diseases


•  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


•  Parkinson’s disease


•  Schizophrenia


•  Stroke & Cerebrovascular disease


•  Traumatic Brain Injury


CANTAB Connect Research is available to order online.


CANTAB Research Suite 

CANTAB Research Suite

CANTAB Research Suite offers a comprehensive cognitive assessment system and includes all 24 of our cognitive tasks. It also has normative data built in, collected using the Clinical Mode of the tasks, allowing researchers to make preliminary comparisons with their participant population if the same clinical mode was chosen for data collection.

Suitable for researchers who require a flexible and comprehensive Windows-based assessment tool with all 24 CANTAB cognitive tests and modes for paediatric populations or normative data comparisons.

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