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31 October 2014

Cantab Connect: the leading cognitive testing technology [video]

Cantab Connect combines leading neuroscience with innovative cloud technology for smarter cognitive testing.

Cantab Connect products deliver all the benefits of cloud technology, ensuring the best value, performance and speed in clinical trials and cognitive research projects.

Cantab ConnectFlexibility
Easy to use, portable and accessible on multiple devices with tasks suitable for healthy participants and patients of different ages and levels of impairment.

Workloads are reduced and productivity increased with minimal training requirements, automated test delivery, electronic data capture and instant scoring.

Cloud technologySpeed
Rapid study initiation, instant data capture and scoring, and real-time access to connected data from anywhere in the world accelerate trials.

The continuity of studies is never in doubt with cloud-hosted data encryption and secure backups accessible from any device worldwide.

Clean and reliable data is guaranteed with CANTAB™ science and data management built into every product. 

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