Research Study Design: Control Groups or Normative Data Comparison?

Posted on 27 January 2016 in Research

Francesca Cormack, PhD, explores the benefits of having a control group as opposed to using normative data.

The primary goal of normative data is to allow the comparison of an individual patient, to a large group of people, matched for their age, gender and level of education, allowing for something to be said about the individual’s level of impairment at a particular time point.

Control groups, however, allow further understanding of the trajectory of change of a particular disease or impairment and can allow for more precise and accurate conclusions regarding treatment response. Furthermore, they provide the ability to correct for confounding effects of other disease or demographic related variables when interpreting study outcomes.

Normative data is built into select CANTAB task modes. For more information or to discuss your study design with our research consultants CONTACT US.