Visual Analogue Scales (VAS)


Visual Analogue Scales (VAS)

Visual Analogue Scales are psychometric response scales which can be used as a measurement instrument for subjective states. The VAS scales can be created to suit the research questions chosen by the customer.

Administration time

2 minutes

Task format

A sliding scale is presented on screen, with two ‘extremes’ or opposing answers on either end, the participant must respond to the questions as they appear on the screen by selecting the on-screen slider and moving it to the appropriate position on the scale.

Outcome measures

Outcome measures for this test allow the researcher to look at the data on a question-by-question basis, with scales graded from 0 to 100.

Normative data

Normative data is not available for responses to questions in subjective psychometric scales.

Visual Analogue Scales (VAS)

Visual Analogue Scales (VAS)



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