“ The dementia challenge is huge, but there is hope in the extraordinary work of companies like Cambridge Cognition, working to develop new tests for Alzheimer’s disease. ”

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister 
Speaking at the G8 Dementia Summit

Cambridge Cognition is a neuroscience technology company delivering near-patient assessment solutions to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. 

For over 30 years our CANTAB® technology has advanced the assessment of cognition in global scientific research; clinical trials; and clinical practice, accelerating the development of safe and effective treatments, improving patient outcomes and to helping assess, monitor and manage cognitive health throughout life. 

Our partners and customers include the world’s leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies; renowned academic institutions; and public-private healthcare providers. 



The CANTAB range includes products for:

Academic Research

Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials 



Scientific heritage

The Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) was originally developed at Cambridge University in the 1980s by renowned neuroscientists, Professors Barbara Sahakian and Trevor Robbins.

The neuropsychological tests used in CANTAB technology have been continually enhanced by Cambridge Cognition since 2002. The computer-based cognitive assessment system is designed for specific use in clinical research studies and is administered to subjects using a touchscreen computer.

Today, CANTAB technology is being used to assess cognition in hundreds of leading research institutions worldwide and has been backed by over 1,800 peer-reviewed articles. It is suitable for assessing young and old subjects, is culture and language independent and highly sensitive to disorder related impairment, pharmacological manipulation and cognitive enhancement.