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24 March 2017

Five reasons brain health is primed for digital innovation

Dr Jenny Barnett, Chief Scientific Officer for Cambridge Cognition examines the power that digital innovation has to change the way we look at brain health.

28 February 2017

Five ways digital health tools can help everyday brain health

Dr Jenny Barnett, Chief Scientific Officer for Cambridge Cognition looks at how digital innovations are helping our brain health.

22 February 2017

Using Cognition as a Biomarker

What is a biomarker? And can cognitive measures be used to predict biomarker measures? 

13 February 2017

Applying Translational Tests in Cognitive Research

Research using animals has long played an important role in neuroscience research and in the development of treatments for mental health and neurological disorders. Using CANTAB to assess cognition in human studies can be an important component of implementing the same guiding principles across species.

12 December 2016

A Solution for Improving Recruitment into Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease Trials: CANTAB Recruit

Screening patients into prodromal Alzheimer’s trials can be costly and time-consuming Kenton Zavitz, PhD, Director of Clinical Affairs & Rosemary Abbott, PhD, Principal Statistical Analyst look at a solution for improving recruitment into trials. 

30 November 2016

Cognitive Assessment Throughout Development

Psychologists often use specific tests which have been specially designed to work well with children. What factors should be considered when choosing a good cognitive test for assessing young people using CANTAB?

28 October 2016

How your “body clock” may affect cognition

Is it true that "early birds" actually do have better concentration in the morning and can cognitive tests show patterns or changes over time, even within a few hours?