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CANTAB Mobile brochure

Find out more about CANTAB Mobile, the most sensitive and timely memory assessment tool for detecting the earliest signs of Alzheimer's disease.

GP Poster

Download a Cantab Mobile poster to display within your surgery, this poster is a microsoft word document and includes a space to include your NHS/CCG logos. 

CANTAB Insight brochure

Find out more about using CANTAB Insight to measure cognitive health and performance. 

Scientific and Clinical Review

A scientific and clinical review of Cantab Mobile. Cantab Mobile is based on technology that has been used in scientific research for 25 years. Invented at the University of Cambridge, the Paired Associates Learning (PAL) test was developed as a way of assessing episodic memory without language barriers.

CANTAB Mobile Start-up instructions guide

A quick-step user guide for getting started with CANTAB Mobile and adding patient details.

CANTAB Mobile User guide - Managing reports

A quick-step user guide for managing patient reports with CANTAB Mobile.

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