New iPad research product launched


21 January 2015

New iPad research product launched

Cambridge Cognition today announce the launch of a new product in the Cantab Connect range -  Cantab Connect Research -  for researchers requiring rapid, accurate and reproducible clinical measures of cognitive function.


Expert cognitive science made easier


Cognitive science is a vital component in the drive to find treatments for neuropsychiatric and neurological diseases, which represent an immense and growing health, social and economic burden. However, as cognition is highly complex, the collection of valid, reliable and replicable data is challenging. Current practice still relies largely on pencil and paper questionnaires. An objective, reliable and easy-to-use tool is therefore required. Cantab Connect technology provides this with highly validated touchscreen tests delivered on iPad devices.

Cantab Connect Research can be used to measure key cognitive domains rapidly in order to monitor the efficacy or safety of a treatment or intervention, or to profile a patient population. Data is collected and accessible instantly through a secure cloud platform which also simplifies the management of multi-site studies.

Dr. Andrew Blackwell, Chief Scientific Officer said "To date products have been focused on neuroscience applications and Cantab Connect Research is ideal for use in research projects on Alzheimer's disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) due to Alzheimer’s disease. However, as the measurement of brain function in non-central nervous system disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, becomes more common we believe researchers who are not experts in cognition will find Cantab Connect Research an invaluable tool both as a general assessment of cognitive function and as a measurement of cognitive effects in healthy volunteers."

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