Cambridge Cognition opens US office


4 March 2015

Cambridge Cognition opens US office

Cambridge Cognition are pleased to announce the opening of a US office in Utah to support the rapidly expanding need for cognitive assessment software.


Cambridge Cognition today announce the opening of a US office in Salt Lake City headed by former Baxter and Myriad executive Bill Rusconi to meet growing demand from both existing and new North American customers. The cloud-based Cantab Connect range is already used extensively in CNS drug trials, where the iPad based products have gained widespread acceptance for their ability to deliver rapid, accurate and reproducible clinical measures of cognitive function across multiple sites. However, increased awareness of the need to test the cognitive effects of drugs crossing the blood-brain barrier is leading to their adoption by researchers in other fields such as cardiovascular and metabolic medicines.

The establishment of a US office, with a team providing business development, customer support and cognitive science experience and expertise, is a natural move. Dr. Nick Kerton, CEO of Cambridge Cognition said “Cognitive function is an increasingly valuable parameter in pharmaceutical clinical trials and academic research projects across a wide range of disorders. The main challenge in cognitive assessment is the collection of valid, reliable and replicable data. Current practice still relies largely on pencil and paper questionnaires. An objective, reliable and easy-to-use tool is therefore required. Cantab Connect technology provides this with our range of highly validated touchscreen tests delivered on iPad devices. The test data is then collected and accessible instantly through a secure cloud platform which also simplifies the management of multi-site studies. Having a strong US presence will not only enable us to strengthen our leadership in the central nervous system (CNS) market, but also to invest in the education and conversion of customers in major new clinical areas such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and inflammation."

The technology underpinning Cantab products was first developed 30 years ago at the University of Cambridge by Professors Trevor Robbins and Barbara Sahakian to provide investigators with sensitive cognitive tasks and high quality data. To date, over 1,500 peer-reviewed papers have been published, and the technology is used in over 800 universities worldwide, with the number increasing each year.

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