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Drug Development

Optimise your chances of success in clinical trials

Improve data quality & security

Reduce risks & increase likelihood of success

Run more efficient & cost-effective clinical research

We provide digital products and cloud platforms designed to accelerate safe and effective pharmaceutical development. Combining leading neuroscience with innovative technology, our solutions have been extensively used to improve clinical research and development across all neurological, psychiatric and CNS disorders.

Enrich Clinical Trial Recruitment

CANTAB Recruit is an online trial recruitment platform helping pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies identify qualified clinical trial participants in high-need indications such as Alzheimer’s disease

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Develop Safe & Effective Treatments

CANTAB Connect offers precise, objective and reliable digital cognitive assessment solutions for pharmaceutical clinical trials in all therapeutic areas from phases I - IV

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Wearable and smartphone apps for high frequency real-world data collection to improve the understanding of the real-world impact of clinical interventions

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Enhance R&D Efficiency

Electronic clinical outcomes assessments, virtual trial solutions and operational process management. Cambridge Cognition offers expertise to improve research productivity and efficiency from study start to completion

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