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Our cognitive research workshops cover the principles of good cognitive research, from designing robust studies to data analysis and ensuring study quality.

Held at our Cambridge, UK office

Study Design & Data Analysis in Cognitive Research

Good Practice in Cognitive Assessment 


Thursday 5th November 2015

Tuesday 20th October 2015


Workshop participants will gain an understanding of all the steps involved to achieve rigorous cognitive research studies, including:

  • Designing a good cognitive study
  • Selecting Cantab tests and tests modes to answer your research questions
  • Preparing a data analysis plan for ethics committees and funding body
  • Power calculations and effect sizes
  • Preparing data for analysis and dealing with outliers and missing data
  • Analysing data and interpreting results – including considerations around composite scores and repeated measures. 

Workshop participants will gain an understanding of what is being measured in different cognitive tests, and how to conduct these tests with scientific rigour, including:

  • Working within ethical and regulatory frameworks
  • Cognitive assessment in special populations
  • Constructing a test battery
  • Measurement issues in cognitive research – ensuring validity and reliability
  • The testing environment
  • Ensuring study quality across multi-site and multidisciplinary teams. 
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Workshop costs: 

£300 per person (excluding VAT)

Cost of workshops include the cost of the course, course materials and refreshments during breaks and lunch.


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