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Make your research matter with gold standard cognitive research software.

Research of the brain is one of the fastest growing and most innovative areas of study.

With strong competition for funding and an increasing medical need, it has never been more important to use proven, fast and objective cognitive research tools.

Cognitive research gives us insights into human behaviour, and how this relates to underlying brain circuits and neurochemical systems.

Cognitive assessment provides an accessible and straightforward method for studying the effects of genetic, chemical and environmental factors on brain function in health and in disease.

CANTAB Research technology is the world’s most validated and reliable software. It provides rapid, sensitive and objective digital measures of cognitive function and is appropriate for all areas of brain research.

The technology is suitable for cross-cultural, international studies and for testing participants both in person and remotely, online. It also improves data quality and reduces researcher workload, saving time and costs.

Improve your chances of securing grant funding, sensitively measure cognitive domains, and publish high impact research with CANTAB software from Cambridge Cognition.

The gold standard cognitive assessment platform for use in academic research. This easy-to-use system provides insight into all areas of brain research and cognitive function using cognition as a digital biomarker.

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Neuroscience Consultancy

Expert advice on the design, analysis and interpretation of neuropsychological endpoints in cognitive studies.

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