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Pharmaceutical Services

Improve data quality and decision making from proof-of-concept to post-marketing.

Recruiting, retaining, assessing and monitoring participants is challenging, time consuming and costly. So too is the complex and high-risk task of demonstrating a treatment’s efficacy, getting it to market and demonstrating post-market patient outcomes.

At Cambridge Cognition we specialise in scientifically proven digital solutions to address all of these challenges, improving the likelihood of a trial’s success and supporting effective treatments in market.

We provide a range of industry-leading and regulatory-accepted digital products to optimise and accelerate safe, effective and efficient pharmaceutical research and development.

Reduce your risk of failure, get to market faster and demonstrate real-world treatment value with Cambridge Cognition.

Phase I-IV Clinical Outcomes Assessments
The most validated and secure cloud eCOA platform delivering cognitive assessments and outcome measures in over 2,000 international clinical trials.

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Real World Outcomes Data
Digital brain health apps for mobile and wearable devices collecting real-world, patient-centric outcomes data to understand and manage day-to-day brain health in clinical R&D and healthcare.

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Participant Recruitment
Online screening to enrich study recruitment. CANTAB Recruit is used by the world’s largest clinical trials, remotely identify suitable participants at scale to cost-effectively accelerate recruitment and reduce on-site screen failures.

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Phase I-IV Cognitive Efficacy
Demonstrate the cognitive efficacy of a compound with objective and non-invasive measures of brain function and patient outcomes, aiding decision-making, dose-finding and drug repurposing.

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Phase I-IV Cognitive Safety
Safety and tolerability assessments designed to improve data quality and operational efficiencies in early SAD/MAD studies and late phase clinical trials with fast, sensitive measures of cognitive safety outcomes.

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Drug Abuse Liability
Fast, accurate and paperless measurement of human abuse potential, patient response and drug liking in clinical trials to improve data quality, participant compliance and trial efficiency.

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