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Public Health Research Services

Enhance population-based research and drive forward innovation in public health.

Many factors influence the relationship between brain health and physical health across the lifespan. Whilst measures of physical health are well established, accurate measurement of brain health requires sensitive tools that are culturally-neutral, scalable and well-validated. 

Not to mention, the process of collecting high-quality cognitive data from large population groups can be time-consuming, expensive and labour-intensive.

Our scientifically-proven digital solutions address common challenges faced by public health researchers, improving the ease of large-scale cognitive data collection and reducing time and costs .

Standardised test administration – both in person and remotely, online— reduces researcher workload, while the automatic randomisation of stimuli facilitates repeated testing to enhance longitudinal population-based studies.

Derive meaning from big data and gain new insight into public health with CANTAB.

Gold standard cognitive assessments

This easy-to-use iPad-based system provides insight into all areas of brain research using cognition as a digital biomarker. Tasks are suitable for cross-cultural, international studies, to optimise longitudinal research and the repeated assessment  of participants globally.

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Validated measures at scale

Web-based testing enables researchers to assess participants remotely online. Remote testing allows for high-frequency data collection to be conducted rapidly at scale, is more convenient for participants and reduces time and costs of research.

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Our technology on your website

CANTAB Prime enables the seamless integration of the CANTAB cognitive assessments into any online platform or participant portal. This optimises data collection within the existing system, making the experience simpler for participants and researchers alike.

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Revolutionizing real-world data collection

Digital brain health apps for mobile and wearable devices collect real-world outcomes data to better monitor and understand day-to-day fluctuations in cognitive functioning and mental wellbeing. Participants can complete tasks on their own devices, supporting the collection of frequent and sophisticated population data.

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