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Neuroscience technology for better brain health
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Validated solutions to optimise clinical trial outcomes
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Conduct virtual clinical trials and patient-centric research
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Automated administration of verbal cognitive assessments
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Cambridge Cognition is a leading neuroscience technology company optimising the assessment of cognition for better brain health research with scientifically validated digital health solutions.

Clinical trial outcome assessments

Optimise patient selection and demonstrate treatment outcomes

Real world digital health solutions

Conduct patient-centric virtual clinical trials and identify digital biomarkers

Gold standard cognitive research

Assess all areas of cognition with the world's most sensitive cognitive tests


The world's leading digital cognitive assessment and eCOA platform.

CANTAB sensitively and objectively measures cognitive function, quantifies levels of performance and impairment, and demonstrates the effectiveness of interventions in brain health.

The cloud technology enables efficient, non-invasive means of assaying brain function and participant outcomes, improving clinical trials and accelerating decision-making.

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Drug development

<p><strong>Drug</strong> development</p>

Maximise the chances of success in clinical trials

Industry-leading and regulatory-accepted digital products to optimise and accelerate safe, effective and efficient drug development.

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Digital Health

<p><strong>Digital </strong>Health</p>

Assess and improve brain health and mental wellbeing

Medical devices and digital health technology to collect real world outcomes data, identify patients, detect impairments early, and track wellbeing over time. 

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Cognitive Research

<p><strong>Cognitive</strong> Research</p>

The gold standard in cognitive assessment

The world's most recognised digital cognitive testing platform for all areas of brain research providing sensitive assessment of cognitive domains in-person and online. 

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