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19 July 2017

Alzheimer’s research technology showcase - AAIC 2017

Showcasing a range of digital neurotechnologies to improve the research, diagnosis and treatment in Alzheimer's disease.

Patient Recruitment in Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials

CANTAB Recruit is the online platform designed to enrich study recruitment by pre-screening patients using sensitive and highly validated cognitive measures to reduce on-site screen failure rates and save sponsors substantial time and cost.

Find out more about CANTAB Recruit

>> Poster: Pre-Screening for Episodic Memory Deficits To Enrich Recruitment in Alzheimer’s Disease Trials


Detect Treatment Efficacy in Clinical Trials

CANTAB Connect is a cognitive eCOA platform that can be used as a primary endpoint to definitively demonstrate the cognitive safety or efficacy of a treatment. As secondary or exploratory endpoints, the technology provides cost-effective and non-invasive means of assaying brain function and patient outcomes, aiding decision-making, dose-finding and drug re-purposing.

Find out more about CANTAB Connect

>> Research and development in Alzheimer's disease


Demonstrate real-world efficacy to patients & payers

Cognition Kit is a patient centric platform delivering digital health apps for high frequency data collection to demonstrate the real world value of treatments.

Find out more about Cognition Kit


Identify patients with early signs of MCI for intervention

CANTAB Mobile allows clinicians to identify the earliest signs of clinically-relevant memory impairment so that patients can receive timely reassurance or further investigation faster.

Find out more about CANTAB Mobile


Cambridge Cognition is a digital neuroscience company specialising in cognitive assessments to support patient screening, research and development in Alzheimer’s disease. 

We are showcasing a range of digital neurotechnologies on Booth #808 throughout AAIC and welcome you to join us.

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