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27 May 2015

Assessing Cognitive Health now firmly on the Employer Agenda

By 2020, people aged fifty and over will represent 48 percent of the adult population and 32 percent of the working age population (ONS). That's less than five years away. Current thinking must change and, in light of the ageing workforce employers are well placed to help make this change happen.

It is not yet widely understood that most dementia-related diseases including Alzheimer’s disease can start in mid-life as a mild cognitive impairment (MCI). This coupled with the ageing demographic of the working population means that employers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to assess the cognitive health of their employees.

In this article, first published in the HRDIRECTOR, May, 2015 and reproduced with its permission, John Picken explains why the focus should be on MCI and how current thinking has to change. Employers are in a hugely powerful position to help bring about this change and influence much more positive outcomes.

Read the article in full:

At the same time, this recent post in People Management, the official magazine of the CIPD, explores the legal responsibilities of employers when it comes to spotting signs of cognitive impairment in the workplace.  This includes employers needing to take positive action when they are aware (or ought reasonably to be aware, known as ‘constructive knowledge’ in law) of the condition.

A growing number of employers and their healthcare providers around the world are using Cambridge Cognition’s assessment tools to measure cognitive health within their organisation. If you would like to know more, please contact john.picken@camcog.com

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