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8 October 2018

How easy is it to transition your study onto the CANTAB Connect platform?

We caught up with Shinwon Park at Ewha Womens University to discuss their experiences of updating their longitudinal studies from tablet-only CANTAB Eclipse to the cloud-based CANTAB Connect Research platform. 

Can you tell us about your research institute?

The Ewha Womens University is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea and, currently, the world's largest female educational institute. At the university, I work at the Ewha Brain Institute where we elucidate brain-based mechanisms of human cognition and behavior with advanced neuroimaging techniques: from magnetic resonance imaging to arterial spin labeling.


What are your research interests?

Our institute currently oversees three large-scale cohort studies of firefighters, victims of crime, and amphetamine type stimulant-using adolescents. We have chosen CANTAB to conduct this longitudinal research as it is a reliable and valid cognitive assessment tool that can be repeatedly used without practice effects.

At our institute, we also conduct experimental neuromodulation studies, using transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct-current stimulation, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as well as clinical trials that test the effects of nootropics and nutraceuticals. We always administer neuropsychological tests because cognitive function is an important variable that must be considered even when it is not the primary outcome measure of interest.


How have you found the transition from CANTAB Eclipse to CANTAB Connect?

We have been using computerized cognitive assessment tools, provided by Cambridge Cognition, for five years. We began by using CANTAB Eclipse, then updated to the CANTAB Connect platform. The Product Specialists at Cambridge Cognition supported us through the transition, ensuring that we were comfortable with the new iPad interface and could take full advantage of the increased functionality.


What are the advantages of using CANTAB Connect Research?

At our research institute, we are concerned with thoroughly assessing the different functional domains of cognition. CANTAB offers a wide variety of validated cognitive tests with which to achieve this aim: from measuring executive function to emotional processing.

Since we conduct multiple studies, it is very convenient to be able to set up different batteries for each study but access them all in one management account.

Most of all, CANTAB has a large bibliography on how the cognitive tasks have been used with various populations. This has served us as a reliable reference when choosing the specific test batteries for each study.


How have you found working with Cambridge Cognition?

Cambridge Cognition has always been very supportive and helpful throughout the years. The online training sessions, and offline workshops, provided by the Product Specialists has not only helped us to get familiar with the iPad interface but also the different tests available.


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By Shinwon Park, Ewha Brain Institute, Ewha Womens University