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1 October 2019

What are the benefits of having a CANTAB departmental licence?

Senior Psychology Technician at Teesside University, Nicole Beddard, shared her experience of administrating a CANTAB departmental licence. 

Can you tell us more about yourself and your role?  

I am the Senior Psychology Technician at Teesside University, which is based in Middlesbrough. Although we conduct a range of research in different areas, we have an active interest in cognitive psychology from both staff and students. We chose to purchase the CANTAB departmental licence to be able to support all of these groups.


How is the CANTAB departmental licence used in your institution?

We have had the CANTAB license for just over a year and so far its main use has been with undergraduate projects for looking into memory. I have made everything available to students so that they know what it can be used for but memory is always a popular choice.

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Why did you choose to purchase a CANTAB departmental licence?

We have had CANTAB in the department for many years and when CANTAB Connect was released I was very excited to see how much more versatile it was. As an administrator I was impressed that I could create accounts for each project and tailor everything to that person’s needs; whether it was research for dissertations or short tasks for marketing events. It’s cloud based system is so much more user friendly and allows each person to collect data more securely without even being on the internet. As many people have iPads now, it meant that they could collect more than one set of data at a time whilst in a small group setting. I have also had a lot of feedback from users that the interface is very easy to understand especially compared to the old version. All of this came into consideration when deciding to buy the new license and I am so glad that we did as we now have access to even more tests.


What has been your experience of the Cambridge Cognition support and training team?

I could not fault the support and training from Cambridge Cognition at all. They have been very helpful and still are. I was very surprised at the amount of freedom I had for the demo and within the demo account. I was able to go through every test to get a feel of what the batteries were like. I really enjoyed the uniformity of the tests with the spoken instructions. I was also very impressed with the level of training I was given and their continued support after that. There have been a few times where I have been puzzled about setting something up then I have been in contact with Cambridge Cognition and they are always on hand to help via email or on the phone. Such an amazing support network.


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Author portrait

Nicole Beddard, Senior Psychology Technician, Teesside University