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28 September 2021

Part 3: Your customer journey – Supporting your study

In part three of our four-part series on the journey our academic customers go through while working with Cambridge Cognition – we focus on our Customer Support and Logistics teams, diving into the work they do to help launch and support your study.

After covering our Academic Sales team and our Operational Scientists in our first two posts, this time around we’re taking a look at the work our dedicated operations team put in to ensure that our global researchers have everything they need in place to launch their study, as well as the continuing support you’ll have access to through our helpdesk.

Let’s kick things off by getting to know a few of the team members:

Meet the Team

Laura Batchelor – Customer Services Manager

Laura studied at the University of Surrey where she obtained an upper 2:1 in Psychology BSc. After graduating in 2012, Laura worked oversees in a fast-paced customer-facing role before joining Cambridge Cognition in January 2014.

Since joining the company, Laura has worked with a wide range of academic researchers across the globe, supporting them from study start-up, through to test administration and training, to data analysis queries and assistance with publication.

Laura oversees all the support and training provided to our academic customers and maintains a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Lauren Cooper– Logistics Coordinator

Lauren joined Cambridge Cognition as a Logistics Coordinator in 2021 after previously working for a pharmaceutical company., Her attention to detail and enthusiasm has allowed her to excel. She’s passionate about supporting our academic customers and strives to provide you with a great customer experience, ensuring that the launch of your study runs as smoothly as possible.

Her main responsibilities within the role focus on ensuring that the delivery of all hardware and software licenses are set up and delivered to the customer’s specifications, in a time frame that allows you to focus on what matters most, your research.

Along with the rest of our Logistics team, Lauren is here to ensure that the launch of your study is a simple and straightforward process.

Georgie Coote – Operations Coordinator

Georgie studied a BSc in Psychology at The University of The West of England from 2012 – 2015. Following this Georgie joined the team here at Cambridge Cognition in March 2021, as an Operations Coordinator, working with both the Customer Service and Study Management teams. In addition to this, Georgie has three years of previous experience working for a large global pharmaceutical company.

Georgie is always striving to deliver the best possible service to both our academic customers and pharma clients. She’s determined to ensure our customers have the best experience possible of the CANTAB software by providing thorough, clear, and high-class customer support.

Setting up your study

Our Logistics team goes to great lengths to ensure that you have access to everything you’ll require to successfully conduct your research. Behind the scenes, they’ll create your CANTAB licence to your exact specifications; ensuring that the primary user(s) have personalised log-in credentials and access to your specific test battery.

Your licence:

Once you’ve purchased your licence, you’ll receive everything you’ll need to kick off your research, including:

  • Personalised login credentials for the primary user(s),  and the ability to create new user accounts for anyone else who may need access to your licence.
  • The CANTAB tests you’ve selected, in all of the available languages   
  • Access to our secure data encryption and storage service
  • Real-time access to high-quality data through our reporting functionality; and
  • If purchased, access to our Web-Based Testing functionality, allowing you to assess key cognitive domains via online assessments

All bespoke to your study requirements!

Configuring your study:

Once you’ve logged on to your account, you can start the process of configuring your study to your exact requirements. In addition to the support of the Customer Services team, , you’ll be provided with access to several support manuals  and  training videos. These videos highlight some of the most important aspects you will need to know when familiarising yourself with your CANTAB Connect Research license and setting up your study. 

These focus on:

  • Managing user accounts
  • Configuring a new study
  • Test administration and using the Rater application; and
  •  Reporting functionality

Troubleshooting issues

We aim to provide you with all the information you’ll need to conduct your study in our welcome pack, but we know that sometimes it’s important to speak directly with one of our experts to ensure that any questions you may have are answered in full.

Through our support helpdesk you will have direct access to our dedicated Customer Services team, who are on hand to assist with your queries – no matter how big or small. The Customer Services team are equipped to assist with a range of requests, from technical support to guidance on data analysis.  

Supporting us to support you:

To ensure that we provide you with the best possible service, our Customer Services team has put together some information on what they’ll need to know when you contact our helpdesk. Providing this information means that we’ll be better able to assist with your support request and resolve any queries as quickly as possible.

When you contact the helpdesk, it’s important that you provide the following information in your initial communication: 

  • Institution name / Licence number associated with your account
  • Study name
  • The email address associated with your CANTAB Connect Research account

Any information from that list that is specific to your CANTAB Connect Licence can be found from within your account.

Your feedback shapes our future

Here at Cambridge Cognition, we know that the best way to improve the quality of our service is to hear directly from our customers. So, to help us ensure that we offer the best possible service, we ask if you would be able to take two minutes to fill out a short feedback survey about your experience of working with us so far.

Your answers and information will only ever be used to improve our customer experience.

Customer service reviews

When it comes to customer service, we pride ourselves on the high-quality service we provide. However, it’s not our word that matters, but that of our customers.

University of Rochester, USA - “The information provided to me was exactly what I needed and was extremely helpful in advancing my analysis using a CANTAB measure. Laura was extremely thorough and prompt”

University of Westminster, UK - “In my opinion, out of all of our suppliers, Cambridge Cognition is providing the best support. It is very reassuring to have someone on the other side of the phone that we can contact when we need help, and to receive that help straight away.”

University of Iowa, USA - “Excellent service whenever we’ve needed it. Very timely responses and always on the ball no matter what our issue is”

Guru Nanak Dev University, India - “The Cambridge Cognition team is always helpful and patient when helping to resolve any issues we face”

Our Operations team goes to great lengths to ensure that our global researchers can smoothly launch their study and feel supported throughout their research.

In the final part of our four-part series on the journey our academic customers go through, we’ll be getting to know our Marketing team and learning about the work they do to promote our global academic customers through blog posts, and our CANTAB bibliography containing over 2,500 peer-reviewed neuroscience papers.

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