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Efficient assessment of Emotional Bias using Item Response Theory and Decision Tree Computerised Ada

Director of Research & Innovation, Francesca Cormack, presented on efficient assessment of emotional bias using item response theory and decision tree computerised adaptive testing at the ISCTM Autumn Conference and the 2021 ECNP Congress.

Read on for the key findings and full poster.

How to choose the right assessment of social cognition for your study

The Emotion Recognition Task (ERT) and Emotion Bias Task (EBT) both assess social cognition, but which is more appropriate for different participant groups?

What is the value of objectively measuring emotional bias?

A negative, perceptual bias is associated with the onset and maintenance of mood disorders, and is therefore a therapeutic avenue of interest. Here we will discuss the launch of an objective assessment of emotional bias as a potential biomarker of mood. 

Using affective cognition to enhance precision psychiatry

Precision psychiatry is a promising new approach that seeks to improve outcomes in highly heterogeneous clinical populations.