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Developing high-quality digital health applications on existing platforms can be time-consuming and can carry considerable costs to a business. As well as risks of delays due to scientific and technical challenges, often software developed in-house will not be as scientifically well validated and will take a substantial amount of time to develop. 
CANTAB Prime allows our technologies to be integrated into any digital health platform efficiently and seamlessly. Saving time and costs, and improving the scientific rigour of any digital health platform.   

Benefits of CANTAB Prime

  • Custom-developed to achieve project objectives through selection of Cambridge Cognition software modules 
  • Quick to market versus developing new platforms 
  • Maintain seamless user experience within one single platform 
  • 30+ years worth of knowledge and experience built into Cambridge Cognition software modules
  • Access to cognitive science and digital health experts


CANTAB Prime offers a fully customisable digital health platform. Depending on the software modules chosen, CANTAB Prime offers: 


  • World leading and most validated cognitive assessment tool
  • All cognitive domains digitally assessed
  • Simple, scalable touchscreen testing 
  • Automated & standardised test administration
  • Electronic data capture
  • Accepted by regulatory bodies as clinical endpoints
  • Minimise the risk of late stage failure
  • Enhance decision making in drug development
  • Enables identification of drug differentiation claims
  • Discover clinically relevant outcomes
  • Reduces trial workloads and costs

 Connect ePRO

  • Rapid patient-reported outcome profiling
  • Suitable for use in Phases I-IV
  • Simple, scalable touchscreen electronic data capture

 Connect Server

  • Secure and regulatory compliant cloud-based data storage
  • Real-time access to data
  • Secure HTTPS data encryption & HIPAA/GDPR and SOC II certified data storage
  • Password protected instant access to data from anywhere, on any device, at anytime  

Data Enrichment plugin

  • Customisable data algorithms
  • Instant interpretation of data input
  • Customisable data output

  Reporting plugin

  • Customisable PDF reporting
  • User-friendly report development

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