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The most sensitive and validated cognitive research software available

CANTAB neuropsychological tests

Cognitive assessments are invaluable tools for understanding the role of specific brain functions across a range of disorders and syndromes; giving insight into underlying causes, identifying ways to detect the earliest symptoms and evaluating the effects of interventions designed to improve brain health.

Originally developed at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) includes highly sensitive, precise and objective measures of cognitive function, correlated to neural networks.

CANTAB tests have demonstrated sensitivity to detecting changes in neuropsychological performance and include tests of working memory, learning and executive function; visual, verbal and episodic memory; attention, information processing and reaction time; social and emotion recognition, decision making and response control.

CANTAB cognitive tests are:

Suitable for all areas of research in CNS, neurology & psychiatry

Validated by 30 years of global neuroscience research

Published in over 2,500 peer-reviewed papers 

Used extensively in global pharmaceutical trials and academic research

Recognised as an international gold standard

The tests show high sensitivity to positive and negative pharmacological, genetic and environmental effects in healthy individuals and patient populations across all areas of research.

CANTAB is language-independent, culturally neutral, non-invasive and require no technical knowledge or prior familiarity with computers making them suitable for large, multi-site studies and diverse participant groups.


why choose cantabWhy choose CANTAB?
Discover what makes CANTAB the gold standard in digital cognitive assessment and data collection


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