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Simple Reaction Time (SRT)

To take advantage of extra outcome measures and our latest cloud technology, we would recommend using our Reaction Time (RTI) task.

The Simple Reaction Time task measures simple reaction time, general alertness and motor speed through delivery of a known stimulus to a known location to elicit a known response. The only uncertainty is regarding when the stimulus will occur, by having a variable interval between the trial response and the onset of the stimulus for the next trial.

Administration time

6 minutes

Task format

A square is shown on screen at different intervals. As soon as the participant sees the square on the screen they must select the button to register their response.

Outcome measures

Outcome measures cover latency (response speed), correct responses and errors of commission and omission.

Normative data 

Please contact us to discuss your normative data requirements. Please note, we do not recommend using normative data in place of a control group. 

Simple Reaction Time (SRT)

Simple Reaction Time (SRT)



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