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Technical validation

Ensuring your data is always reliable, accurate and secure

The CANTAB Connect platform uses the latest technologies to ensure outstanding performance, scalability and resilience. Using an agile software development methodology, our cloud products are always kept up-to-date with our latest software innovations. With automated software updates to all systems, CANTAB Connect guarantees software version consistency across mulitple sites globally.

Our software development is completed in compliance with BS EN IEC 62304:2006 and our products are compliant with 21CFR11 and EU Annex 11. All software updates are reviewed prior to release, with validation documentation ensuring traceability from user story to test case results.

Our recommended hardware systems are tested using robotic tools to ensure that cognitive latency measures are accurately captured, ensuring test-retest reliability for all reaction-time measurements. Every new model we recommend has been rigorously assessed and validated for use.


Data transmission is secured using financial & healthcare industry standard techniques for encryption. Data is automatically sent with error-detection checks to ensure integrity on arrival. Our software performs further checks to ensure data transmission is complete before the encrypted local copies are deleted.

Our applications are independently security tested annually against both third party penetration and authorised user abuse. Our HIPAA/GDPR compliant data centre and office locations use both passive and active security monitoring tools to ensure maximum data security.

Data Security

Our combination of the latest technology with a rigorous procedural approach enables us to be confident that your data is always reliably collected, accurate and secure.

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