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Cognition Study Info

Cambridge Cognition is running a study to gain a better understanding of cognition in the general population and are looking for volunteers to complete our tasks twice during April (taking no more than 2 hours).

In return for taking part in two sessions, an hour each, we will reimburse you with £20.

What is a cognitive test?

Cognition refers to the processes that are involved in acquiring knowledge, thinking and comprehension, for example: remembering, problem-solving and attention. We have a number of tasks which have been used across the world to research different cognitive functions such as attention or memory. They involve solving puzzles, finding tokens and memorising items.


What will you need to do?

You will be required to complete a series of cognitive tasks at two different times, each session lasting about an hour between 4th and 29th April 2017. During these sessions we will ask you to complete different cognitive tasks.


Where will it be?

One session will take place at Cambridge University’s Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute. You can complete the other session at home using either a computer or laptop with an internet connection.


How will I get paid?

Once you have completed both testing sessions we will reimburse you £20 in cash.


How do I sign up?

Visit www.cantab.com/cognitionstudy to register your interest – we’d love to hear from you.

Register for the study

If you have any questions you can email us via brainresearch@camcog.com

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