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Characterising Profiles of Impairment in AD and MCI Using a Brief Computerised Battery

This research, presented at AAIC 2015, aimed to identify distinct profiles of cognitive performance among older adults presenting to a memory clinic using a brief iPad-based cognitive test battery.


The CANTAB Insight computerised battery was used to measure episodic memory, working memory, attention, executive function and processing speed. At total of 82 memory clinic patients received a diagnosis based on history, neurological, radiological and laboratory examination and independent neuropsychological assessment. Performance was adjusted for age, education and gender based on a large normative dataset.


These results demonstrate that CANTAB Insight, a brief, 20-minute, computerised cognitive test is sensitive to cognitive impairments across the spectrum of NC, MCI and dementia. We also found that as well as there being a significant correlation between MMSE and CANTAB scores, MCI is characterised by deficits in episodic memory, whereas AD is characterised by multiple impairments, but primarily episodic and working memory.

Interested in learning more about the use of CANTAB Insight in characterising profiles of impairment in AD and MCI? Download this poster.


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