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A comparison of in-person and web-based computerised cognitive testing using CANTAB

Testing individuals in their own homes and on their own devices has the potential to improve the efficiency of screening into clinical trials by obtaining patient-reported or objective cognitive data before participants reach the clinic.

This data, presented at CTAD 2017, shows the results of two studies aimed at validating at-home, web-based testing against in-person assessment. The first is a between-subjects comparison, which used a large-scale crowdsourced sample to also explore the impact of computer hardware on performance and to derive markers of task performance and behaviour which could indicate lack of attention.

In the second experiment, we directly address the comparability of web-based and in-person testing in a counterbalanced, within-subjects study of community-dwelling adults.


In the first experiment, 600 participants aged between 18 and 70 were recruited for web-based testing through a crowd-sourcing platform, and these were compared to a matched sample of 94 participants assessed in a supervised setting. Participants completed test of episodic memory (Paired Associates Learning – PAL) from the CANTAB. PAL total errors adjusted (PALTEA) and first trial memory score (FTMS) were analysed.

The second experiment was a within –subjects, counterbalanced cross-over study. A total of 51 participants were recruited via social media and local advertising in and around Cambridge, UK. Participants completed the CANTAB PAL and Spatial Working Memory (SWM) tests an average of one week apart.


The two experiments presented here aimed to assess the equivalence of CANTAB testing conducted in-person or remotely in a home setting. The findings support the validity of home-based, computerised assessment.

Interested in learning more about the comparison between in-person and web-based computerised cognitive testing using CANTAB? Download this poster. 


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