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Automated voice-based testing: applications in recruitment of patients in clinical trials

Automation of voice-based cognitive tests using automatic speech recognition (ASR) would open up new recruitment channels into clinical trials. This research, presented at CTAD 2017, examined the possibility of automating voice-based cognitive assessments in two studies.


The first study makes use of the Amazon Echo, a consumer-grade system designed primarily to support simple voice interactions within a home setting. This aimed to establish feasibility and validity of this testing modality.

The second study extended this work by implementing a digit span task on a device-agnostic web-based system, which enables customised interactions, greater control over data storage and access to raw audio data.


The results show that automated voice-based assessments of cognition may be feasible for population-level studies and home-based monitoring.

Interested in learning more about the use of automated voice-based testing in recruiting patients into clinical trials? Download this poster.


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