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Enhancing mental health research

Every year the Mental Health Foundation runs mental health awareness week to raise awareness of mental health issues and start discussions and debates around mental health and wellbeing issues. This year’s theme looks at mindfulness, a growing area of interest for many psychologists in the treatment of many neuropsychological conditions.

Cantab tests have been supporting research around mental health and wellbeing for almost three decades with over 250 published papers of CANTAB data supporting research into anxiety, compulsive behaviours, personality or psychotic disorders, sleep and mood. View the abstracts of these studies in our CANTAB Bibliography. A study using CANTAB from 2013 by Hermens et al suggested “that neuropsychological assessment is a critical aspect of clinical evaluation of young patients at the early stages of a major psychiatric illness.”

Watch Professor Trevor Robbins explain how CANTAB has helped to enhance mental health research: