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29 July 2022

Q&A with Chief Scientist Francesca Cormack

We caught up with our Chief Scientist Francesca Cormack ahead of her AAIC 2022 session on virtual clinical trials.  Here Francesca tells us more about her career journey, what she is currently focusing on and why virtual clinical trials are such an exciting area to be working in. 

21 July 2022

Measuring Health-Related Quality of Life with Multimodal Data

In July 2021, I was part of a workshop that discussed how digital measurement of multiple modalities could be used to assess Quality of Life. A paper detailing the findings of the workshop was published in May 2022. The findings are summarised here. 

12 July 2022

Using CANTAB to understand the effects of certain nutrients on cognition

We caught up with Dr Rebecca Power from South East Technological University about how CANTABTM has helped her team to investigate the impact of specific nutrients on cognitive performance.

21 June 2022

My experience as an R&D intern at Cambridge Cognition

Vic joined Cambridge Cognition in late 2021 as an intern in our R&D team. As her internship comes to a close, we caught up with her to find out more about her experience.

If you're interested in joining us as our next R&D intern, you can view the details here.

18 May 2022

How CANTAB helps us to explore the cognitive electrophysiology of the deep brain

We caught up with Martin Gillies from the University of Oxford, who told us how CANTABTM tasks help his team to probe the cognitive electrophysiology of the deep brain, particularly focusing on the cognitive role of the dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex (dACC) in decision-making. 

6 May 2022

Measuring functional outcomes in schizophrenia in an increasingly digital world

In this paper published in Schizophrenia Research: Cognition in April 2022, we explore how digital outcome assessments could be beneficial for assessing functional outcomes for people affected by schizophrenia. Read the full paper here.