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14 April 2014

US congressional delegates review Cantab Mobile

Cantab Mobile has been highlighted to a US congressional delegation on ageing and healthcare policy as a breakthrough in enabling the earlier detection of dementia in primary care settings compared with existing assessments.

9 April 2014

MedCity: world-leading medical research initiative

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced the launch of MedCity, a major new medical research and translation initiative.

14 March 2014

The new wave of medtech

In a new report, Silicon Valley Comes to the UK and Nesta present a snapshot of the early breakers in medtech.

11 March 2014

Professor Trevor Robbins wins ‘The Brain Prize’

CANTAB co-inventor, Professor Trevor Robbins CBE, has been awarded with the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Prize – ‘The Brain Prize’ 2014.

28 February 2014

UK committed to early dementia diagnosis

The health secretary Jeremy Hunt has pledged £90m for faster diagnosis times for people with suspected dementia and says he wants Britain to be a leader in both diagnosis and the search for a cure.

26 February 2014

New software for cognitive research

Cantab Research Suite is the latest version of Cambridge Cognition’s leading cognitive testing platform for academic research, powered by Cantab Technology.