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14 August 2019

Dr. Nick Kerton

Cambridge Cognition Holdings is deeply saddened to report the death of Nick Kerton, the Company’s former Chief Executive Officer and Non-executive Director, after a long fight with cancer.

12 August 2019

Cambridge Cognition expands further into Chinese market and initial university contract

Cambridge Cognition is pleased to announce its expansion into the Chinese market with the Company’s Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (“CANTAB”) computerised assessments. This move strengthens the Company’s global position, having announced a major opportunity in India earlier this year.

19 July 2019

New Commercial Partnership and Further Scientific Validation for NeuroVocalix

Cambridge Cognition is pleased to announce the second commercial partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company, for its NeuroVocalixTM platform. NeuroVocalixTM is a unique voice biomarker technology and the product was launched last year and recently presented ground-breaking demonstrable evidence of the potential at a major global Alzheimer’s conference.  

1 July 2019

Cambridge Cognition appoints Non-Executive Director

Cambridge Cognition today announced the appointment of Debra Leeves as a Non-Executive Director with immediate effect.

24 May 2019

NHS Bedfordshire CCG rolls out CANTAB Mobile to 50 practices following successful pilot study

We’re pleased to announce that NHS Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is introducing our iPad-based memory assessment tool into 50 general practices. 

10 May 2019

CANTAB Research Grant 2019 - Results

The results of the 2019 CANTAB Research Grant are in! Once again we were overwhelmed by the quality of applications we received – which made it a tough job for our judging panel to narrow the research proposals down.