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24 February 2014

Predicting dementia in Parkinson’s disease by combining neurophysiologic and cognitive markers

New research has found that combining objective cognitive assessment with neurophysiologic markers can substantially improve dementia risk profiling in Parkinson's disease.

23 December 2013

David Cameron praises Cambridge Cognition in speech at G8 Dementia Summit

Cambridge Cognition, which specialises in computerised neuropsychological tests including those enabling the early detection of dementia, has been mentioned in Prime Minister David Cameron's speech at the G8 Dementia Summit, held in London on 11 December.

20 December 2013

Canterbury and Coastal: Working to improve dementia diagnosis

GP practices in the Canterbury and Coastal area are piloting Cantab Mobile to help staff detect the earliest signs of memory problems for their patients.

3 December 2013

Cognitive impairment in depression: a core feature and valuable target for future interventions

Scientists at Cambridge Cognition recently published a review paper addressing the important question of whether cognitive impairment should be considered a core feature of depression.

29 November 2013

Addressing dementia as a lifelong and preventable condition

Dementia is a major public health problem that poses an increasing burden on the health and wealth of societies worldwide. Rebalancing efforts from the development of treatments to increased emphasis on prevention may be an alternative means to reducing the impact of dementia on society.

29 November 2013

Half of dementia sufferers ‘not being formally diagnosed’

The health secretary has revealed less than half of people suffering from dementia are being diagnosed and joined the growing support for early diagnosis of the condition.