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Digital Health Event 2021 | Integrating multimodal data to meet clinical challenges 


With the ubiquity of smartphones and wearables, studies no longer have to be designed to simulate situations as a proxy for a person’s lived experience. Instead, clinical assessments can be interwoven into patients’ day-to-day lives on their day-to-day devices. This means that trials can be: 

  • Delivered remotely, supporting patients to engage with researchers who may otherwise struggle to attend sites, for a more inclusive and representative study 
  • Multimodal to generate a richer picture of the fluctuations in patient wellbeing, and ultimately move towards sustained improvements  
  • Tracking the benefits of an intervention in patients’ everyday lives, pulling focus on what matters most to patients e.g. the ability to undertake their day-to-day activities   

Expert speakers 

We are pleased to have the following prominent speakers who are working actively in the fields of drug development and digital health: 

  • Valeria De Luca, Data Scientist at Novartis
  • Fai Ng, Professor of Rheumatology at Newcastle University and IDEA-FAST Leader
  • Ieuan Clay, Director, Market Development and Innovation
  • Francesca Cormack, Director of Research and Innovation at Cambridge Cognition

Chair: Anzar Abbas, Director of Digital at Cambridge Cognition  

This is an interactive event so please submit your questions for the speakers and share your lessons learned delivering digital endpoints.

Agenda (ET)  

  • 10:30 – 10:35: Introductions 
  • 10:35 – 11:15: Presentations
  • 11:15 – 11:45: Panel discussion

Register now.