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Schizophrenia International Research Society 2016

The 5th Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference will take place 2-6 April 2016 in Florence, Italy at the Firenze Fiera Congress Center. The conference focuses on new drug development and the status of cutting edge basic and translational research in the field of schizophrenia.

Kiri Granger, Scientist for Cambridge Cognition will be in attendance. Kiri has extensive experience in designing and leading clinical projects that apply human translational models to understand the psychological mechanisms that underlie symptom expression in a range of psychiatric disorders; particularly in schizophrenia and anxiety. 

Involved in research of schizophrenia? Contact Kiri directly to discuss your study design. 

Measuring cognition in Schizophrenia

The CANTAB battery of tests for assessing cognitive function in Schizophrenia is now available on CANTAB Connect to accurately measure cognitive function using highly validated, objective and reliable tests enabling new discoveries, leading science and impactful research studies. Because the product is cloud based, multiple researchers across different sites can collect, access and analyze live data, connecting everyone involved, making collaborative studies more efficient to run.