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Seeing is Believing: Advances in Neuroimaging

We're pleased to be attending this year's KCL Neuroscience Society annual conference: Seeing is Believing: Advances in Neuroimaging.

The 2019 event features a number of brilliant speakers and workshops on the breakthroughs in this field and what to expect next in neuroimaging. Will we see you in London for it?

Taking to the stage this year is our very own Emma Dominic (Academic Sales Manager) who will be sharing her insight on the following subject:

15:30 | Reliability and Sensitivity of CANTAB Tasks for Healthy and Impaired Populations with Supporting Data from TBI / Neuroimaging Studies

If you're attending this conference and would like to meet with Emma to discuss how our CANTAB technology can help enhance your cognitive research get in touch here.

Please also drop us a line if you aren't attending but have questions for Emma - about either our products or the topic of her presentation - she'd be happy to help!

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