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Webinar: Novel Digital Technologies and Biomarkers to Characterise Depression

Novel Digital Technologies and Biomarkers to Characterise Depression.

The development of new treatment options for depression is hindered by a lack of objective, clinically relevant outcome measures that can adequately capture daily fluctuations in mood and cognition. Novel digital technologies offer the potential for more objective and precise symptom detection, but which best characterise depression?

In efforts to address this question, Novartis evaluated seven digital technologies spanning eye-tracking in the clinic to the daily use of a Cambridge Cognition mobile app at home. Recently published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, the researchers covered:

Which technologies are useful to distinguish between depressed and healthy subjects?
Can we build accurate classifiers (depressed vs. healthy) using parsimonious models with select digital biomarkers?
Can we explain between-subject variation in MADRS (and possibly predict individual MADRS scores) using digital biomarker data?

In this webinar, experts from Novartis and Cambridge Cognition will share lessons learned evaluating novel digital endpoints and building parsimonious models with high diagnostic accuracy and the potential to predict a standard clinical outcome for patients with depression.

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