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1 August 2018

Healthy Amplified launch new population health platform with CANTAB technology

Healthy Amplified are using CANTAB® technology to expand their population health platform offering to adults. 

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Healthy Amplified are a digital health company that bridges the communication gap between healthcare providers, trainers, parents and youth sports caregivers.

In an effort to expand their offering to include adults, Healthy Amplified are employing CANTAB technology to develop their new population health platform. 

Today, global leader in digital brain health and developer of CANTAB technology, Cambridge Cognition, are pleased to announce this commercial collaboration with Healthy Amplified. 


"Following the successful introduction of our product intended for the youth-sports market, we are eager to make our health solutions available for adult populations. By incorporating neurocognitive CANTAB technology, we are advancing our mission to provide population health management solutions." 

Healthy Amplified CEO, William H. Nelson


CANTAB technology is integral to the development of Healthy Amplified's new population health platform for adults, as it offers gold standard cognitive assessments of traumatic brain injury, mild cognitive impairment, depression disorders, dementia, and the early detection of dementia associated with Alzheimer's disease. 

Under the commercial collaboration, Healthy Amplified will act as a reseller of CANTAB products in US health markets, anticipating full rollout of the population health platform across 35 US Metropolitan Markets by the end of 2018.


“Through this collaboration we hope to widen the distribution channels of our medical software products to an established customer base in the US healthcare market.”

Cambridge Cognition CEO, Dr Steven Powell 


Source: RNS Reach