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26 March 2018

Cambridge Cognition announces major contract win and funding award

We're pleased to announce the award of a major new pharmaceutical clinical trial contract and a Digital Health Catalyst grant from Innovate UK.

This significant contract is for a multi-national Phase IV clinical study with a leading pharmaceutical company. We will be delivering the study's cognitive assessments, patient-reported outcomes and clinician-reported outcomes on our CANTAB Connect cloud software.

The Innovate UK grant will fund a pioneering new programme to develop a non-invasive digital biomarker to better predict who will benefit from a new type of personalised medication in schizophrenia, which affects more than 21 million people worldwide and is associated with large health and societal costs - estimated to be around £12 billion per year in the UK and $60 billion per year in the US.

In developing a new digital biomarker, we aim to demonstrate the ability to identify schizophrenia patients who will benefit from personalised medicines targeting a particular aspect of brain function and find people in the general population who are at risk, in order to help prevent schizophrenia cases in future.

This programme represents a significant step in our strategic direction to become the global leader in digital neuroscience. Identifying underlying neurobiological issues to define a group of patients who will respond best to a new treatment would be of significant clinical and commercial value, improving patient quality of life and reducing the global societal cost of schizophrenia.


We are delighted to have been awarded this substantial clinical contract by our pharmaceutical partner to work with them to deliver this new study.

We are also delighted to be awarded the Innovate UK grant which will enable us to work even closer with our partners in the pharmaceutical industry to enhance their drug development pipelines and provide first-in-class personalised medicines for major health conditions like schizophrenia. - Dr Steven Powell, CEO at Cambridge Cognition

For more information on our CANTAB Connect cloud software and how it can enhance your clinical trial please get in touch with us.

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