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17 March 2020

Cambridge Cognition: COVID-19 Update

We would like to update you on the steps Cambridge Cognition is taking to ensure business continuity for all our customers as the widespread impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to affect so many globally.

Please see the August 2021 update for the latest guidance. 

This is an unprecedented time for everyone and the situation is changing constantly.  We are very concerned about the potential impact of the disease, particularly on those potentially at risk.  In the current environment health and safety is paramount. We are monitoring and adhering to official guidance from the World Health Organisation, the Centre for Disease Control, relevant Governments and other appropriate sources. We have also updated our already robust Business Continuity Plan.

Our services are continuing to run without interruption. Our Connect platform enables clinical test data to be collected and stored safely and all our systems are either cloud-based or support remote connection via secure and encrypted transmissions.  The majority of our employees are now working from home with just a few people in our office covering services that cannot be done offsite.  We have set out guidelines for avoiding the transmission of disease in the office.  

As the situation progresses we will continue to work with all our staff to ensure we can continue to deliver our high quality services, which includes supporting sales, consultancy, study management, device deployment and customer service.  Our business continuity plans include system and resource contingency planning.  Our business continuity plans have also been tested as part of the good practice we implement under our quality systems.  As ever, our Customer Service team remain available to provide any further assistance to all our clients and collaborators.

Many of our customers have already implemented international and domestic travel restrictions and we have put in place a similar cautionary approach for our staff. We will continue to use remote-working technology to conduct meetings both with our clients and collaborators and internally. 

We are committed to maintaining our business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring our teams deliver the highest quality service without disruption. Cambridge Cognition appreciates your continued support during these challenging times.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch: info@camcog.com