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12 August 2019

Cambridge Cognition expands further into Chinese market and initial university contract

Cambridge Cognition is pleased to announce its expansion into the Chinese market with the Company’s Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (“CANTAB”) computerised assessments. This move strengthens the Company’s global position, having announced a major opportunity in India earlier this year.

CANTAB are world-renowned assessments that accurately measure all areas of cognition. With over 2,200 peer-reviewed publications describing the use of CANTAB tests in both research and clinical trials, the Company believes CANTAB is the gold-standard in cognitive assessments. To make these available for the Chinese market, Cambridge Cognition have developed task variants in the key spoken (Cantonese and Mandarin) and written (Chinese simplified) languages.

To support Chinese companies and global studies collecting data in China, Cambridge Cognition is establishing a secure cloud infrastructure, using Amazon Web Services, in a data centre in China to enable straight-forward compliance with China’s scientific data transfer regulations.

On the strength of these developments, Cambridge Cognition has already signed a recurring annual contract with Fudan University, Shanghai, which is ranked in the top 5 Chinese universities.

“By establishing a cloud infrastructure in a data centre in China and translating tasks into the key languages, we have brought CANTAB to the Chinese market in a way that considerably expands our commercial opportunities. This a major step forward for Cambridge Cognition’s global expansion plans. Many of our CANTAB tasks are now available in almost 50 languages and have been used worldwide in over 100 countries."

Matthew Stork, Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Cognition