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31 May 2018

New client signs with Cognition Kit software

We’re delighted to announce a new $0.5m contract with a major pharmaceutical company for the use of our Cognition Kit digital health software in a clinical trial.

Cognition Kit measures cognitive health on mobile and wearable devices, enabling researchers to gather data in everyday life and clinicians to make more insightful treatment decisions for their patients.

This clinical trial will monitor patients diagnosed with a neurological condition for 12 months. During this time, participants will use a Cognition Kit smartphone app to test their brain health remotely and frequently, providing the sponsor with rich, real-world data outside of clinical sites in a more holistic, cost-effective and patient-centric fashion.

The new contract follows our successful collaborations with existing Cognition Kit partners and further negotiations with other major pharmaceutical companies are at an advanced stage.

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly looking to develop novel biomarkers and use digital phenotyping techniques to improve their data intelligence and market access.

Having successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of Cognition Kit technology through our ongoing partnership with Takeda, we are delighted to be signing additional clients with whom we expect to establish long-lasting commercial partnerships. - Dr Steven Powell, CEO at Cambridge Cognition

For more information on Cognition Kit and how it can be used to improve patient engagement, demonstrate treatment efficacy and increase the understanding of a disease and a patient's response to medication, please get in touch with us.

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