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3 January 2018

WEBINAR: Overcoming methodological challenges to enhance study success in schizophrenia trials

Dr Kiri Granger, Director of Neuroscience, Cambridge Cognition and Dr Steve Brannan, Chief Medical Officer, ‎Karuna Pharmaceuticals Inc. hosted a webinar on how to improve clinical trial success in schizophrenia.

Clinical trials in schizophrenia have typically focused on addressing the positive symptoms of the disorder, such as hallucinations.

Nevertheless, cognitive impairment represents a significant, unaddressed therapeutic need in schizophrenia.

Indeed, cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia (CIAS) is detrimental for patients both socially and occupationally, which has wider ramifications on the societal cost of the disorder.

Pharmaceutical companies have made considerable efforts to address CIAS. Nevertheless, no drugs have successfully made it through the development and approvals process.
In this webinar, Drs Granger and Brannan led an interactive session on why there have been so many late-stage failures in schizophrenia trials, and proposed potential solutions to these problems.

Key discussion points

  • Key issues for cognition in CIAS clinical trials
  • Methodological challenges and improvements for patient recruitment and in-trial retention
  • Issues and considerations with the selection of endpoint measures
  • Minimising the risk of practice and placebo effects
  • Lessons learned from successes and failures to date

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