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Cognitive research

CANTAB Connect Research

The gold standard in cognitive assessment

Conducting high impact cognitive research can be challenging and complex.

CANTAB Connect Research is the world’s most validated, precise and reliable research software providing sensitive digital measures of cognitive function for all areas of brain research. Delivering leading neuroscience through our secure cloud platform, CANTAB Connect Research is an efficient and easy-to-use system providing insights into behaviours, underlying brain circuits and neurochemical systems and measurement of digital cognitive biomarkers.

Benefits of Using CANTAB Connect Research

  • High impact cognitive research
  • Improves data quality and security
  • Suitable for translational research 
  • Available in over 30 languages (see FAQs for task availability in your language)
  • Reduces researcher workload, saves time and study costs

CANTAB Connect Research

Features of CANTAB Connect Research

The world’s most validated cognitive tests

All cognitive domains digitally assessed

Innovative cloud-based platform for connected research

Secure data encryption and storage

Automated test administration

Real-time access to high-quality data

Intuitive touchscreen interface

Suitable for healthy and patient populations

Over 30 languages supported

Web-based testing available

"Our research requires cognitive measures that are reliable, well validated and quick and easy to administer.  CANTAB is the obvious choice."

Clinical Senior Lecturer, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

Key Domains Assessed:



Executive Function

Emotion & Social Cognition

Psychomotor Speed

Why choose CANTAB?
Discover what makes CANTAB the gold standard in digital cognitive assessment and data collection


Run virtual research studies with web-based testing

CANTAB Connect Research can be used to assess key cognitive domains via online assessments. By removing the need for participants to travel for their assessment(s), sensitive, specific and valuable cognitive measures can be captured from participant populations on a global scale with ease.

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Get faster results by administering questionnaires and scales alongside CANTAB cognitive assessments

You can use the Connect platform to administer CANTAB tasks together with questionnaires and scales. Scientifically validated or study-specific questionnaires and scales can be used to enhance cognitive assessment data, allowing you to collect additional information about your subjects. By administering these electronically via the Connect platform, you can access your data in real time and provide a seamless experience for your participants.

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