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Electronic questionnaires and scales

Deliver questionnaires and scales electronically and get results in real time

Enhance your data set and get results in real time by using the Connect platform to administer questionnaires and scales alongside CANTAB cognitive assessments. By using our questionnaires and scales solution you can deliver scientifically validated or study specific questionnaires and scales electronically, saving time and cost. Subject responses are collected electronically, then immediately scored and uploaded to a secure database (WiFi required) and costly errors arising from transferring pen and paper responses to your database are removed. Our experience in designing cognitive assessments for elderly and impaired populations has ensured our questionnaires and scales solution is easy to use for subjects, enhancing user experience and increasing compliance.

Our in-house, expert customer services team will configure the questionnaires and scales to your specification, including tailoring how your questionnaire is scored.   

You can use a bespoke questionnaire, or administer a scientifically validated scale, depending on your study needs. 

Questionnaires and Scales for academics benefits


Get faster results by using one platform to administer both cognitive assessments and questionnaires and scales

Results available in real time with electronic collection of subject responses

Improve subject experience with an intuitive, easy to use questionnaires and scales interface

Collect valid data with a wide range of questionnaires and scales and configurable outcome measures available

Run your study on any device with iOS, Android and desktop support

Allow patients to fill out the questionnaires and scales at home with web-based testing

Keep your data secure with HIPAA & SOC II certified cloud data storage centre

Ensure full regulatory compliance with a GCP, 21CFR11 and GDPR compliant provider


It is the Customer’s full responsibility to ensure you acquire any clinical scales licenses required for your study. CCL accepts no responsibility for acquiring licenses or liability for any consequences of not acquiring licences for validated scales used in academic research.

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