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Request your CANTAB workshop

Meet our friendly team of Academic Sales Managers. They travel the globe delivering tailored workshops to groups who are interested in using our CANTAB technology in their research. 

These workshops are intended for research groups or labs where there is interest in using the CANTAB tests in large multi-site studies or across multiple projects.

Key workshop takeaways

From the workshop you will learn how our CANTAB tools and technology allow you to:

  • Standardise the measurement of cognition in your research  
  • Save time and costs - thanks to our easy-to-use cloud-based platform
  • Administer language and culturally-neutral cognitive tasks
  • Measure cognition remotely via the web for large-scale data collection

Example workshop agenda

Your CANTAB workshop can last up to two hours. The content will be tailored to your specific research interests but will involve the following areas:

  • Overview of Cambridge Cognition, CANTAB Connect Research and our highly-validated CANTAB tests
  • Outline of our scientific experience relating to your research area(s)
  • Interactive session to run through the tests and see the software in action
  • Rundown of the training, support and implementation services we provide
  • Q&A session

Request your CANTAB workshop

Please request your CANTAB workshop using the form below. We will be in contact shortly to discuss suitable dates.

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